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Welcome to Legend's Server. Empty Welcome to Legend's Server.

Post  Legend on Mon Sep 13, 2010 8:14 pm

Hello there and welcome to Legend's Servers forums, as we all know, all servers & forums have ground rules and right now, I am going to list some rules so things don't go wrong on either the forums or the servers.

===Server Rules===
- Respect EVERYONE.
- Don't troll.
- Do not advertise.
- Don't spam in any way.
- Do not try to glitch or exploit in any way.
- Don't ask for admin, apply for admin.
- Don't ask to be a respected player, apply.
- Never impersonate other players or admins.
- Attempting to crash the server will result in a permanent ban!

===Forum Rules===
- Don't start a flame thread.
- Stay on topic.
- Don't make useless posts/polls.
- Don't try to troll on the forums, you will end up getting banned.
- Don't necro (bump old topics).

Remember to add us to your favorites!

- Legend

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