Garry's Mod Tower Defense Server Rules/MOTD

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Garry's Mod Tower Defense Server Rules/MOTD Empty Garry's Mod Tower Defense Server Rules/MOTD

Post  Legend on Mon Sep 19, 2011 2:12 pm

Welcome to Legend's Tower Defense Server

===Server Rules===
- Don't spam your binds.
- Don't be a douche bag.
- Do not advertise.
- Respect EVERYONE.
- No racism.
- Listen to admins and V.I.P players!
- Don't bitch when friendly fire is on.
- If you are V.I.P or admin, don't abuse your powers, or it will be removed.
- Do not abuse any glitches, bugs, exploits etc.

Breaking ANY of those rules above will result in a KICK OR BAN.

Tower Defense - Q(default) = open tower menu R = refresh tower when bugged and to reload your tower.. Right click = Delete/sell tower. You are only allowed to place towers on props or sidewalks, not on the path of the NPCs walk way. If the tower menu does not pop up rejoin the server.

To do list:
- Add more hats/trails
- Fix lua error when giving out metal

===V.I.P players===

===What's New And Whats Old?===
- [NEW UPDATE] Unconnected auto banner has been added.

- [NEW UPDATE] Finally I came to having the Garry's Mod TD server up and running, join us at

- [NEW UPDATE] [GMOD] I've added a store plugin onto the Tower Defense server, just hit F4 and the shop menu will open. Now your wondering "Hmm, how do I get metal?" Well, to get metal all you have to do is play! 1 minute will get you 30 metal.

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