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Minecraft Classic Zombie Survival updates Empty Minecraft Classic Zombie Survival updates

Post  Legend on Wed Feb 01, 2012 2:34 pm

A list of updates that have been made will be below.

- The server now shows the author of the map.

- 3 new maps have been added into the server. (We now have over 30 maps on the server! Smile )

- 4 new maps have been added into the server, hope you guys enjoy them!

- /store is now fully optimized, for those who have coins are able to spend them on the store. But sadly coin rewards for humans at the end has not been added yet, but will be added in the near future.

- A new map has been added to the server.

- Two new maps have been added into the server.

- Four (4) maps have been removed due to the fact the map depth is more than 1 block and are made for Lava Survival. The maps that have been removed are : castle, city, hood, hotel and multi.

- As for losing four (4) maps, I have added two new maps into the server.

- Two Five more maps have been added, might possibly add another one.
- /rules have been updated for Zombie Survival.

- Added two new maps into Zombie Survival once again.

- Added two new maps into Zombie Survival.

- New plugins have been added for donor feature, OPs now have the ability to use /restart to restart the server if there is a bug.

- The server will now go through a daily restart at around 3:00 PM Eastern Time.
- JR. A Trial+ cannot rob players anymore due to the disadvantages.

- A new map has been added, named Castle created by Heat2333! Make sure to thank Heat2333 for the map he has created!

- Servers are down as of now due to a random disconnection problem, until this has been sorted out the sever will not be up as much, I am currently still looking into this problem and will try to get this problem fixed ASAP.

- A new event map has been added, around this week I'll be hosting a new event on a new map!

- 500 coins were added to those that were at the event, for the purpose of the server going down for looking into the disconnection problem.

- Two new maps added, Theland and Pirates.

- New map has been added named Townz.
- Rules have been updated, a rule that has been around but not stated in the MOTD since it was similar to pillaring, the rule is not stair casing, meaning you cant make staircases in the open or on the walls of the map.

- /report has been removed, the reason why is because it is not functioning properly, and people do not like to read how to use /report.

- I've been noticing that the server is starting to randomly disconnect people for no reason, I am currently still looking into this problem and trying to fix it ASAP. I will keep you guys informed with what is happening.

- I am about to remove JR.As and OPs that have not been active within the last few months. The reason why is because there are more people out there that want the opportunity to get JR.A or get OP status on the server. You are able to claim you're rank back when you will be active on the server. A code will be PM'd to those who are inactive and are able to use that code to get their rank back.

==List of inactive JR.As and OPs==
- Taffs
- Biggestkirbyfan

- A new command for JR.A Trial + JR.As are now able to use, which is /pteleport
The reason why this has been added is because /tp does not work for any rank besides OP+ and to compensate that, I've added /pteleport.

How it work is that you type /pteleport yourname player'sname
EX: /pteleport ss_legend bobin

- Level cap has been increased from 40 to 50.
- Lava movement delay have been lowered. Meaning that the lava will now move faster.
- Anti-grief monitor has been increased from level 35 to 42.

- The store prices have been increased once again, reason why is because since the reward has been boosted up, people are able to get colour changes, title changes quickly when it shouldn't be that easy. You will be able to see the price changes once you get in-game and type /store.
- You are now able to purchase teleports once again from the store at the price of 120 Legend's Coins.

- JR.A trial rules have been added by typing, /oprules.

- The Minecraft server will be going down at 19/05/12 for a 3 day server maintenance.

- New admin plugins have been added.
- AFK kicker has been set back to 5 minutes instead of 10 minutes.

- /fly is now for JR.A rank and over, this is only for building purposes, NOTHING ELSE. If you are caught abusing this command to avoid lava or to go on top of the map, your admin will be removed.
- You now must be 10 blocks away from spawn in order to earn coins.

- MCDzienny server update.

- no one is able to use /pay (including JR.As and OPs) only Elite_Survivors and Legendary_Survivors.

You may ask why I have done this? It is because JR.A's and OPs have nothing else to do with their money, so they decide to give it to other players, helping them out, while the main goal of the gamemode is to survive, earn money ON YOUR OWN and purchase what you please from /store. I would pretty much consider this as I would say "alt farming".

- Starting lives has been changed from 3 to 2.
- Anti-tunneling has been added to stop spleefing a little bit.
- Docks spawning area has been edited, along with anti-spleef ground.

- I've created race maps for small events, so far I've made 3 race maps and currently working on more race maps. When I do run these race events there will be prizes that are given out.

- A new map has been added, theland. Amazingly well though out map made by another player.
- Another map has been added! The name is Pirates, another amazingly created map!

- Reward for being below sea level is now only 10 Legend Coins, giving afk farmers a harder time to earn in-game currency.
- AFK kicker has been increased from 5 minutes to 10 minutes.
- Reward for being above sea level has been bumped up from 30 coins to 50 coins.

- /report has been added, players can now report each other if they are breaking any rules.
- /viewreport has been added for Jr.A.Trials and over, this will pretty much allow them to see
the players that have been reported.

- Elite_Survivors rank has been added, costs 9500.
- /rob has been added to the server, you are now able to attempt to rob someone for X amount of money (You may be kicked for failing to rob someoene, this is automatic!).
- /bank has been added to protect your money from being robbed, type /bank help for the list of commands.

- Another huge update!
- 4 new buyable ranks using in-game currency, they are: Great_Survivors, Pro_Survivors, Extreme_Survivors, Legendary Survivors. So start saving up your money to start rankin'!
- Welcome message has been changed.
- /pay has been added back, must have Extreme_Survivors rank to use it.
- Parse emotes have been removed.
- You can now type /website to see our website address.

- /pay is now for Donor rank+ the reason why is because I've noticed that people have been giving each other money to get to a certain rank and people would join and farm money on their alts.
- Tips have been changed
- /rules have been changed. while in-game type /rules to see.
- New rank has been added, Jr.A.Trial. Pretty much what this rank is for is for those people who I think I trust, so I put them through trial before adding that person to the admin team.
- Clearing out IP ban for hackers.

- Huge update! The server now supports clans, to see how to create a clan, type /clan in-game to see all the commands!
- We now are able to host spleefing minigame! Spleefing will randomly occur so be ready to /g spleef when a OP+ is hosting a spleef event!

How to play spleef?
The main goal of this minigame is to break the floor and make other people fall into the lava pit and die, last player standing is the winner.

- Level cap has been increased to 40.
- EXP curve has been slightly increased (a bit harder to level up).
- JR.A's are now able to use /hide.

- /small_tnt is now not usable.
- tnt blocks are now only for Donors.
- Many other abusive blocks have been restricted.
- /afk has been removed due to people abusing it and using it to spam.

- EXP tables have been edited once again.

- Pillaring higher than 8 blocks is now against the rules, do not do it.
- /rules have been updated, type /rules in-game to see.

- The level cap is now set to 30
- EXP gaining is now back to BasedOnAir
- Anti-grief stops monitoring people that are over level 25.
- Lowlag now turns on when lava is flooding.

- Mass IP banning spree for people that have been clipping / fly hacking, 29 users IP banned for using fly hack and clipping, more IP bans to come in the future.
- Tips have been changed.
- 10 new maps added names are: snow, funhouse, skyscraper, beach, dock, city, war, battleship, nuke, atom and niagra. Hope you guys enjoy the new maps!
- Prices of almost everything in the store has went up.
- MCDzienny update.

- Now as you level up your name color does not change, so the color you bought from the store will now stay.
- EXP tables have been changed.
- Anti-grief is now more strict, must be level 19 to not be monitored by Anti-Grief system.
- EXP earning is now at a fixed amount of 100 each round.

- Everyone can now use /ironman, ironman allows you to gamble and if you win the round without dying, you will earn double the amount of Legend Coins then you normally would. Though if you die while ironman mode is on and you die, you lose triple the amount of coins.
- Rules have been updated, type /rules in-game to see.
- MCDzienny updated a bunch of times with new fixes.

- Promotion price on Respected and V.I.P has been increased, Respected now costs 1200 while V.I.P now costs 5000
- Rules have been updated, type /rules in-game to see

- Having titles like Admin, OP, Owner is NOT ALLOWED having a title with anything that has to do with OP or Owner will get you permanently banned. (This rule does not affect actual OPs or admins.

- AFK kicker time is now set at 10 minutes before getting AFK kicked.

- Players are now only able to pillar up to 5 blocks.
- Rules have been updated, type /rules in-game to see.

- You now earn 0 Legend Coins from treasures due to people coming into the server and using commands to spawn treasures (quad, triangle etc..) and farm coins.

- Doomdome has been removed due to lava not spawning

- Buying teleport has been removed.
- Auto kick for hacking is now disabled.

- /rules have been updated
- MCDizenny goes through an update (aka server update)
- /tips have been updated
- Increased lava leaking speed
- Added a new map called Christmas, Treasures are placed around the map, good luck finding them!
- Player slots went from 16 to 14 to reduce lag on the server.

- /rules have been updated.
- The maps Trippy and Rainbow have been removed from the server due to lava not spawning.
- Added a new map Pokemon.

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