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Post  Legend on Thu Jun 21, 2012 8:34 pm

Admin's in-game name: Michael_43 |

IP and Name banned.

What did the admin do?: Using /fly during lava flood multiple times.
What's your proof?(video/screenshot/logs/etc): logs

(22:28:07) Look out! Lava is coming!!!
(22:28:15) 5 minutes left to end of lava flood
[22:30:07) michael_43 [] has joined the server.
[22:30:19) michael_43 used /fly

Michael_43 was seen using /fly during lava flood a few times, I was not sure if he was undoing /fly or is he turning on, but as of today I have caught him abusing fly.

A second chance was given when he was demoted from the rank OP to JR.A, obviously does not know how to properly use his admin powers.

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