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Post  Legend on Mon Jan 30, 2012 11:15 am

This is just a copy paste of the MOTD from [LS] Zombie Survival 30+ Maps.

All map credits go to Blocktopia community for the usage of their zombie survival maps, props to them!

- No not grief other people's houses.
- Hacking is NOT ALLOWED!
- Respect everyone and the server.
- Do not beg for admin or for any rank
- If you are caught cheating and or bypassing the cheat detector you will be kick/banned
- Creating multiple accounts to farm coins will get you banned.
- Advertising is not accecptable, you will be kicked/banned for advertisting.
- If the owner of the house/building asks you to leave, you must obey him/her
- Attempting to scam someone will result in a perma ban
- Spamming is not allowed you will be permanently banned for doing so.
- If you are caught grieafing you may be kicked/banned without a warning.
- If you are Respected or V.I.P and are caught abusing your commands you will be demoted.
- Having titles like Admin, OP, Owner is NOT ALLOWED having a title with anything that has to do with OP or Owner will get you permanently banned. (This rule does not affect actual OPs or admins.)
- Spleefing is not allowed, don't do it!
- Spamming blocks in one location to prevent zombies from getting to you is bannable.
- Abusing /spawn is avoid zombies is bannable.

-Abusing admin: 1st time, warnring, 2nd time admin removed.
-Only /tp to people that need help or to see if someone is griefing
-The only commands you should be using is kicking, banned and teleporting
-Do not give yourself or other people benifits.
Always provide reasons to your kick and bans.

Admins, do note I check the logs everyday at the end of the day, so don't try to be sneaky with your commands.

Do follow these rules or you will be kicked and banned from the server.

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