New updates and rules on the server.

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New updates and rules on the server. Empty New updates and rules on the server.

Post  Legend on Tue Jan 25, 2011 8:08 am

Welcome to Legend's 2Fort Server

===Server Rules===
- Don't spam.
- Don't be a douche bag.
- Do not advertise.
- Respect EVERYONE.
- Do not spawn camp.
- No racism.
- Listen to admins and V.I.P players!
- Don't bitch when friendly fire is on.
- If you are V.I.P or admin, don't abuse your powers, or it will be removed.

Breaking ANY of those rules above will result in a KICK OR BAN.

**When the server is down, it is most likely that the server is going through updates and will be back up shortly, we try our best to keep the server up to date and running smoothly.**

If you would like V.I.P status on the server and the forums donate a hat or apply on the forums, (V.I.P status is a donate one time only, though if you are inactive it may be taken away. And if you do abuse respected it will/can be removed at any time. You can also purchase admin which is $5 a month, same rules as V.I.P. contact Legend for more information.

===V.I.P players===

===What's New And Whats Old?===
- [NEW UPDATE] [TF2] The server now has unconnected auto banner.

- [NEW UPDATE] [TF2] The server IP has changed to

- [NEW UPDATE] [TF2] Hope you all had a great Halloween! The server's map will now change back to its original map, ctf_2fort, but soon to come is Christmas!

- [NEW UPDATE] [TF2] I've noticed when people are trying to join the server it says "Steam validation rejected." I am not sure why this is happening, but the server will be down until this problem gets fixed, sorry. [PROBLEM HAS BEEN SOLVED]

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